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Social Media vs. Real Life


We are always talking with clients about social media and the myths it can perpetuate. So much love to this mama for her bravery and honesty.


Prenatal Depression


Guess what? The majority of our clients start to see us not because of postpartum depression/anxiety, but because there's something going on during pregnancy. It's not all rainbows and sunshine, and The Haven Group is here to help.



Mothering and The Brain


This is such exciting research, and supports anecdotal evidence that we see. Every. Day.



Postpartum Depression Legislation


The "Bringing Postpartum Depression of the Shadows Act" was passed in the House yesterday. More than 400,000 American women suffer from PPD each year, and few receive treatment. Hopefully this funding will actually come through, and help to change those statistics!



The Darkness


Why didn't anyone tell me..." One of our missions at The Haven Group is to get women talking about the real, sometimes not-so-glamorous parts of pregnancy and parenting. Our hope is that open conversations will leave women feeling more supported and less alone.



Postpartum Anxiety


Did you know that women are 3x more likely to suffer from postpartum anxiety than they are depression?? So many of our clients come to us wondering what's wrong with them, or why they feel terrible, but not classically "depressed". They brush off their symptoms and don't get the support they need. New mom hyper-vigilance can turn into intense anxiety pretty quickly, but it is so very treatable! Mamas, you are alone in your anxious thoughts.

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