Amanda Schachtel, LCPC           (Amanda Gordon)

Amanda joined The Haven Group with years of experience as a teacher, counselor and doula.  She graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and from Miami University with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and DONA trained Doula.



Amanda currently specializes in maternal mental health. This includes: fertility struggles, IVF, pregnancy loss, prenatal and postpartum mood challenges, birth trauma, and the adjustment to parenthood. 


Amanda began her professional career as a preschool and elementary school teacher in Colorado, where she was able to see the fruits of strong parent-child connections, and understand early childhood development in a very hands-on manner. Amanda also volunteered at The Denver Children’s Hospital. During her time there she was fortunate to be able to provide a variety of services to the families who were undergoing treatment. These included easing the nerves of and providing entertainment for children in the hospital, providing emotional support to parents, and physically nurturing newborns in the infant care center. These combined experiences led Amanda to have the desire for a deeper understanding of children and families. She relocated back to Chicago, where she pursued her counseling career. Amanda worked intensely with mentally ill youth in a hospital setting, gaining the tools to be a strong diagnostician. She then moved to working with teenage boys in crisis, first as a therapist, then as a program manager.


Through teaching young children and while counseling at-risk teens and families, Amanda discovered the importance of children having a healthy start.  She then went on to become a doula in order to support women as they become mothers and adjust to the many changes that are brought on by parenthood. She is honored to have been a birth doula for a variety of women, having provided them with psycho-education, and both emotional and physical support throughout their pregnancies and into motherhood.


Amanda believes in a well-rounded approach, providing supports for parents and families in whatever capacity they need.  Amanda is a strong proponent of empowering parents through education and by connecting them with the resources that will allow them to be confident and self-aware.


Jenny Shully, LCSW

Jenny Shully has relocated to California and we wish her the best! 


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"It takes a whole village to raise a child but we need to remember that it was the mother who had the baby, and she needs our help, too."

       -Jan Honikman,      Founder,


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