Based in Chicago, IL, The Haven Group strives to provide strength, support, and stability. We, at The Haven Group, recognize both the incredible excitement and overwhelming challenges that parents may experience as their families are growing and changing. We provide a range of supports for family members from the early stages of family planning through the transitions into new roles and dynamics. Through counseling services, we strive to assist you in identifying and managing any areas of new or changing family issues that may be challenging you. We consider it a privilege to be with you on this journey, as you create a safe haven within your own home.

The Haven Group is unique in the range of services we offer, and in the ways we support our clients. We aim to provide comprehensive care that goes beyond the range of a typical mental health professional. Because we have been birth and postpartum doulas in addition to therapists, we have unique perspectives on the challanges women can face.  By combining our knowledge, training, and experience, we hope to support you through your prenatal and postpartum periods.


While we do specialize in perinatal mental health, we also see individuals and couples for a variety of issues. From generalized anxiety and depression, to marital challenges, to struggles with life changes, we see it all. 


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The Haven Group

400 Central Avenue

Northfield, IL 


*Currently seeing clients via telehealth

"It takes a whole village to raise a child but we need to remember that it was the mother who had the baby, and she needs our help, too."

       -Jan Honikman,      Founder,


Support International

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